Upcoming changes to “The Rapport”

We are changing the way we publish “The Rapport”. Since the former magazine had substantial traction now, we have decided to make some changes to the way we collect submissions and the format of the publication. These changes are designed to improve the quality of the publication and also to increase it’s distribution.

The major changes are listed below:

  • We are adopting a hybrid publishing model for all our publications including The Rapport. This means, there will be a small submission fee for The Rapport. This fee will not only support us but will also contribute towards better quality of submissions by filtering out spam/careless submissions.
  • We are changing the format of The Rapport from a magazine to a journal. This means we will be eliminating art save from its cover, and we will be printing the publication in a “book” format.
  • We will be increasing the number of submissions per issue/volume. This means more writers will get a chance to feature their work.
  • We will be changing the frequency of the publication from quarterly to bi-annually.

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