Submissions for The Rapport and/or محور (Mehwer)

Although we accept unsolicited submissions, mostly submissions are reviewed from 1st – 10th of every month.

Please read the requirements below carefully. If your submissions are not made as per the information below, they will not be considered. Once we receive your submission, we will take up to 15 days to respond.

A. Submission Limitation and Format

Submissions can be in English or Urdu. We accept submissions in all categories/genres.

The following limitations should be kept in mind when submitting your work:

  1. Poetry: Up to 5 poems per submission (only 1 will be accepted)
  2. Short stories: Up to 3000 words
  3. Passages: Up to 500 words
  4. Photography: Up to 5 photos per submission
  5. Artwork: Up to 5 scanned/digital pieces

Important note:

  • 1-3 shall be attached in editable word file format ONLY (doc. /docx. / etc.)
  • 4-5 should be attached in scanned or digital format ONLY (png. /jpeg. / etc.)
  • NO CLOUD DRIVE LINKS ACCEPTABLE – all submissions with external links will be deleted.
B. Submission Guidelines
  1. Please attach your work in the required format stated above and email it to: – make sure you title your email: Submission – your name
  2. Please mention the title of your submission along with your full name, your email address and your Instagram profile in the email. Make sure ALL information is provided.
  3. By submitting your work, you agree to the following:
    • You permit T.P.S.G to publish your work on and in its respective publication(s) by your name.
    • You will not receive any monetary compensation for this submission.
    • Your work is original and is not copied from anywhere/anyone.
    • Your work will remain yours and will not be copied.
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